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    Flowey, I never saw this! I dig the cosutme, grats on getting it ingame!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flowey View Post
    Finally my first official mod

    "There are some people that just want to see the world burn"

    Now with altern versions replacing Reboot to keep your fashion alive!!! Search both versions as Molten Assassin[Reboot] !!!!

    Mod downloads: 561(329N/232B) Seriously guys you're the best :3

    OVER 500 DOWNLOADS!!!!
    Let the hype burn everything!!!!!


    NEW Altern helmets are here!!!!! go and check them :3 (replaces shadome)

    New VFX

    Basic attack = "Stream of fire"

    M2 = "Backfire"

    1= "Solar Burst"

    2 = "Drop it like it's hot" (ye i had to say this :3)


    Gif for Shurikens are missing (but the vfx are there)

    About this one, pls i need you guys here (that's a poll) because i like the balefire but i don't want to let the normal one die if the balefire gets accepted

    If you wanna help me to spread the word just put this on your signature

    HTML Code:
    Available on any Trove Modloader

    Feel free to post pics if you like it :3
    Awesome-tastic work bro the VFX lava sparks looks EPIC !!! We need such costumes in-game especially when Firey costumes are like only little in the game . Keep up the good work bro ! Love to be a good modder like u in the future !!!

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    kinda exagerated on vfx but the costume is awesome !

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    this is awesome, nice job

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    Amazing mod flowey. Hope to see it ingame!
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    Everyone in my supporter list that haven't received the code pls send me a PM, i'll reply with your code
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    Winner einner chicken dinner, nice mod, and im glad its going in game flower jk i meant flowey
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    Screenshot + Lore (Balefire)

    I remember it happening.
    Every little detail,
    Every sound,
    Every scream.

    It started as an experiment.
    The Neon City Research Facility (NCRF) was developing a weapon of mass annihilation to ultimately remove the monsters of Q'bthulhu from the lands of Trove.
    But to do that they must find their ultimate weakness, what makes them tick.
    Of course, to do that they must capture the creatures themselves.
    With Fae Tricksters, but that's a story for another time.

    Fast Forward.

    NCRF have been experimenting with the specimen they have captured, each reacting differently to different chemicals and technologies.
    And, like in every other story ever told, something went wrong.
    Very, very, wrong.

    One has become a pathogen.

    Now, that doesn't sound scary now, but here's some more information:
    - It can surpass armor, no matter how thick
    - It can control the Trovians' minds once it has entered the nervous system
    - It consumes the Trovian it has infected, and turns what it has consumed into more of itself
    - This process only spans
    30 minutes from infection to transformation
    - It has escaped

    You'd think NCRF of all places would have some sort of quarantine plan, sadly, it didn't at the time.

    Here's where I come in.
    My town was one of the closest places to where the Infection started.
    We tried to evacuate, we really did.
    No one in my town escaped.
    Except me.
    I was a particularly smart Neon Ninja, for the sole fact that I have studied at NC University and am a Scientist at NCRF.
    I was infected, I knew.
    Because I was the person in charge of the station the day it escaped.
    Because I was the first person who got infected.
    Because I was the one who was controlled to let every other creature escape.

    The word that the pathogen has escaped has, well, escaped.
    Everyone was panicking.
    People were crying,
    People were getting infected,
    People didn't know what to do.
    What have I done?

    I was fighting to regain control of my body.
    I was trying my hardest, I really was.
    Then I remembered that I have skills.
    I tried to dash, and it worked.
    I had control over what the pathogen does not know of.
    I dashed and back flipped to the station where I accidentally created the monstrosity.
    And injected myself with the chemicals, in an amount considered lethal to everyone.
    And I regained full control over my body, but there were things missing, things wrong, and things that were just entirely changed.
    The spots where the infection has consumed, but not yet transformed, turned black.
    And it seems that it has made the spots with the infection still there solidified, as if it were frozen in time.

    It has become a part of me.

    Ok, I really love the fact that your Fire one got accepted, good job on that by the way ,
    Now it's time to show Balefire some love!
    I need the green one in my life.
    Thank goodness this mod exists.
    It needs to get in-game is the thing.

    Devs, wakey wakey.

    I really love it, I really do.
    Hope the Balefire gets in-game too!

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    Since this has been accepted i'm closing and moving to Mod Archive, i might aswell create a new one for the Balefire version and some more, but they will be just mods to use, not to get ingame

    At this point i'll stop sending codes, since i gave supporters a month to report they were alive
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