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Thread: [Chloromancer Mod] Alchemancer

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    Sep 2015
    I never saw this before and now I'm sad. But I really like this! I might have to use it when it comes out :P

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    Jul 2015
    After few months quit I joined back the game and check out some new mods and man I wish I was there to join the hype :3

    Anyway, very interesting idea with the designs and color. I like how you came up with the spining plants as it is for me the hardest part ))

    Hope to see more ideas like this! Gratz for the costume to be in the game ))))) I wanna try this!

    EDIT: although if it helps for further modding, I'd say if the vfx of the plants is something like smoky, dark purple smole like trace of smoke around the spining plant, the healing plant has more pink healing aura, and the explotion has some dark theme, that would be awesome.
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    Looks Really good Jusiv, the replacements of the plants are so well done and the concept is on point! Will be rocking this ingame soon Grats!
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    So nice. Dont know what to say!
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