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Thread: RIP SureStrike 100% Crit Hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagromiCZ View Post
    20% ??? SET IT ON 50% OR 75% IT WILL BE MUCH BETTER !!!

    sry for capslock but i am veeeery ANGRY !!!
    you will get insanely high crit chance and crit damage with the gems and new gear. You will be WAY stronger than before. You should just see surestrike emblem as a nice thing you bought for more mastery and you were able to abuse it for a very long time anyway.
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    If you want an analogy for how good this change to surestrike is take a look at any moba game like Dota or LoL. +20% critical change is very useful, but it doesn't break the game by making that player op. If you gave that player 100% critical chance on demand for 5 seconds, 20 or so times over, that team would wreck, nuff said. The balance in the game would be non-existant.

    Going back to Trove, I'll use my character as an example. My shadow hunter currently has about 25% crit chance with max radiants and the dragon buffs. With the update, this will go even further due to gems and stellar gear. Let's say you don't have all the dragon buffs, but you do have some gems and one stellar with your radiants. It's not that unreasonable to say that you'd have about 25-30% critical chance at least. With surestrike, that will go up to 45-50% critical chance, and your gear/gems aren't even maxed out yet.

    This change to the emblem is intended to increase the diversity in players' builds by preventing us from being overly reliant on it. That is pretty much the entire point of this update (other than just adding more content). Trion stated this themselves. This is why we are getting gems. This is why we can choose to modify class abilities. The strongest people in the game shouldn't be the strongest because of one, little, thing. Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashExe View Post
    My shadow hunter currently has about 25% crit chance with max radiants and the dragon buffs. With the update, this will go even further due to gems and stellar gear.
    The problem here is players don't want to invest in a RNG factor.
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    Its this team's MO to nerf previous stuff into uselessness while bringing out new stuff that puts players back to what they were. Want to keep your power? Re earn it by grinding.
    I quit this game.

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    They' re is still one problem after this update : Revenant!!!
    Let me explain, One class tank that can get rid of physical damage and still deal good damages. It will have to equip a set of gems with Hp or%HP/ Crit hit/crit damage.
    So this class will be able to tank mad with insane HP, will be able to hit max possible crit hit and deal huge crits. SO yes he does not rely on double damage but...those emblems got nerfed hard aswell so... unless you like to spam 2 pots per dungeons. And as he does not rely on double damage or surestrike he will be able to tank even more with vampiric emblem and let's say damage reflection emblem for even more damage and as a tank he'll probably take most of damages.

    SO the thing is... this class just can get rid off of one must have stat on other classes which is the damage stat. Other classes will have to make a choice between CH/CD/PDorMD/HPor%HP... So 4 stats but only 3 available per gems. I think it's pretty much unfair for ppl not playing rev cause the building will be more complicated, more precisely the optimisation. I'll not be surprise seeing lot's of rev with this new update tbh.

    And talking about useless stat*, they made it cause ppl were complaining about crit hit being useless but i remind you gems give health regen too but , honestly, who was thnking equipping health regen on ther characters. So yeah i dont know what to think about this change but there is positive and negative consequences.

    Oh and dont tell me health regen will be more usefull cause we will have more hp, cause actually HR scale on max hp aswell: Formula is regen/s= 14%HR+0.5%Maxhp
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