If you want to keep RNG on gems could you at least make it more controlled RNG?

First idea is to let us see the min-max roll of a stat by holding a keybind when hovering the gem. (this idea is coming from another game)

EDIT looks like my suggestion is in basically

Something like this:

Now I hold CTRL and it displays the min-max of every stat.

Using in-game picture (idea I have no clue what the real numbers are):

Now second idea or more important one, let us reroll at least 1 stat of the gem, we can only pick one stat to reroll, we can't go back and reroll a different stat.

So if my gem has Physical damage, Critical Damage and health regen, I could pick health regen and try to reroll into a different stat and to also to try to reroll the same stat to a higher roll.

Something like this:

Now I select the stat I don't want or want to make it roll higher and I can see a list of possible stats I can get from rerolling and the min-max.

After I select I won't be able to select any of the other stats to reroll, I'll be stuck with this one to reroll forever.

Probably not possible to implement this in a week time frame but please try to reconsider something like this at least to make it more RNG controlled...