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Thread: [MOUNTS] Truefire Spider and Balefire Spider!

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    These are pretty sweet! I cant wait for these in game!

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    Gratz on getting your 2 spider mounts accepted in the game.
    If you use this code: 7J363HEF2CP6NML9XY9Z to this link:
    you can get 1 free class coin in game if you're under mastery 20.

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    10/10 quality spider plz dont bite me

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    Thank you everyone for the kind comments! I'm glad to see many of you like it and is excited to see it go in game!
    I did receive a comment earlier that peaked my interest - >
    Quote Originally Posted by Alexcool13 View Post
    I was going to comment before it got accepted but I had never got around it. Could you please also make a blue fire spider because blue fire is an actual type of fire in our world
    And I decided to quickly make it as fast as possible! I loved the idea so much and I wish I did get that comment before it was accepted! Fingers crossed something can be arranged for the FrostFire Spider to be added too, But for now, Heres the link to that xD.
    (Pictures are included in, but also will provide for people previewing this comment)

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