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    This post is basically from many of us who responded to this thread last night, I am again acting as a medium through which they speak.

    Many of us stated our opinions openly last night based on the information that we had been provided by various credible sources.

    As it transpires, some of the information that we were given wasn't clear and therefore a conclusion was drawn from what information we had. We apologise to the person who was accused of committing a DoS/DDoS attack as it has only recently transpired that he did not confess directly to that, as we were previously led to believe.

    We went forward to a member of authority within Twitch with claims of various serious wrongdoings, to clarify, we have recently spoken to this member of authority and he has confirmed that he did manage to get a confession of harassment out of the offender, but nothing more.

    At the time we were not specifically told which claims he did and did not confess to. However, we also did not enquire ourselves about what claims he confessed to, so it's partly our fault as well.

    When I did stream Trove less, the harassment and the DoS'ing stopped entirely, when I started streaming Trove more again, the DoS'ing started again.

    From what I have seen, even the harassment against us from said individual is still being denied as factual by the individual himself, this is of course not going to help people to move on when you continue to lie about it, we urge you to come clean about what you did, if it never happened then realistically you wouldn't have been spoken to about it by Twitch and Trion Worlds.

    I admit that I sent very long and complex emails to Trion Worlds, I should have written them in a plain and simple format so they could not have been misunderstood or misinterpreted which is what has happened it transpires, we did ask them to come to my Discord so we could discuss this matter but that request was repeatedly ignored sadly, I do feel that this would have helped tremendously.

    I have sent another email to the individual who made this thread last night and admitted that we both acted hastily and both made some rather unsuitable actions in the grand scheme of things, which is the general jist of it.

    I personally would like to discuss this matter with an employee of Trion Worlds over a voice chat with others present so they can see where we as a community were coming from, simply to avoid any further misunderstandings or misinterpretation, do what you will with this request.

    Sorry for any inconvenience to any members of staff involved in this case, we do apologise for taking any time out of the development of your games and we truly do wish that this whole situation can be dropped before any more people lose faith in the company, Trion Worlds do make great games, we have all thoroughly enjoyed Trove, some of us for over a year, it's pointless fighting over this which is why we have always stated that we wanted to come to a reasonable resolution.

    Hopefully you reply to my email when you get time and we hope you have a good day.

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    No new posts for three days - I'm going to call this thread done.
    Closing it down... now let's get back to Fasti PvP streams, as someone suggested!

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