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Thread: PTS Disabled Packs

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    PTS is for THEM to test despite its name XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    But.. people aren't testing chaos chests. What about those need testing? Nothing. Those are implemented and have been for awhile. People test the new stuff that rolls out. I know a few people who did a TON of work with the power levels and gave feedback that directly went into live.

    PTS is there for people to find new bugs. I've seen numerous dupe bugs that have been found and caught through PTS and didn't make it to live. As I said it is there for testing most people just don't use it for that.
    Because the system does not provide you with any form of support, you need access to resources the only other option are Chaos Chests. Chaos Chests have been tested quite a bit but the items in them are needed to get the items that do require testing. You could go out and get them but then what is the difference between PTS and Live? Right now there is no difference other than that you have less access to resources on PTS. Just because you can does not mean the server is setup to do so and right now it is not and blocks access to an item that would help.

    I find bugs on both PTS and Live also there are reported bugs that go through constantly. Posts go completely unnoticed quite often. Finally people treat it is a live server with benefits. It is not that they don't use it for testing purposes it is that there is not support, no notes, no anything required to do. Also speaking of dupe bugs there have been more than went through than have been solved. If they want it to be taken seriously they would give at least some support but as that has yet to happen and I doubt it will ever it will continue to be Live 2.0.

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    I would love to do testing on PTS, but like it has already been said there are no patch notes for the PTS builds so it is hard to know what you should be trying to break or exploit. Also the fact that you have to go through the whole leveling process and grind to upgrade your gear so that you are able to test in all situations is a huge turn off.

    I would like to see the ability to copy character data from live to PTS similar to how it is done in World of Warcraft.

    Also the people I know who do pts testing have a direct line of communication to Andrew and others. While this is great that the devs have access to a good group of players to do testing it does seem to many that if you are outside of this group that you are less equipped to effectively relay information on bugs that have been found.

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