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    Errors Updating Glyph

    Through Steam I get an error : Download Failed Code #56 HTTP #0

    If I try to download off the Glyph site, the file fails to download completely. I tried using another network I have access to (work) and our gateway antivirus show this message when clicking to install Glyph: This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: Ulrbot.N (Trojan).

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    Sorry to hear you're having trouble updating Glyph! To start, I'd suggest reviewing some of the basic troubleshooting steps we have for the Glyph client.

    If those don't help you, go ahead and contact our Customer Support team. They'll be able to investigate your problem in greater detail and hopefully be able to sort this out for you!

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    Pour pouvoir réutiliser Trove il faut désinstaller et réinstaller Trove depuis steam et ensuite vous pourez jouer a trove

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    I am experiencing the same thing today.
    I Found a fix for the problem it might be tedious but atleast you can play using glyph.
    1.disconect your computer from internet(lan/wifi)
    2.startup glyph
    3.Reconect to internet

    or reinstall glyph
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