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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Nixon View Post
    ...or farming.

    This is good news for fishing, though. I just hope it doesn't cost something to fish up those Glim... Putting a prerequisite grind to enable another grind is just bad game design and definitely not fun. I have a sinking feeling (no pun intended) that there will be a serious grind for bait first.
    Farming is the lategame of Trove since it has almost no content other than the adventure world and SA. I would expect to see future patches include more cosmetics and fancy mounts and some way to farm for money to buy them. Yay

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    ROFL i like it, but It looks too much like a motorcycle. Needs more lawnmower!

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    New Trove Mini-Game: Summer Lawn Mowing Job!
    It's also really effective if you have a group of two or three.

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