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Thread: Props for a Cornerstone?

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    Props for a Cornerstone?

    I've seen a lot of cornerstones in my time with Trove (I go back to the first week of Beta). Some are cute, some are interesting, and some go so far above and beyond showcasing creativity and the massive amount of work involved that they deserve notice.

    The cornerstone being built by PentNoir not only is interesting in its' form but noteworthy for its' massive height. While investigating the upper floors, it turns out that he's actually building a song up there, played on a mag rider track. While I've seen this several times in club worlds I've never seen this before in a cornerstone. Further, he has signs at the top of his house saying - the Wander Theme, composed by Sir Kenneth W. Arnold, explains how he arranged it and the limitations of the notes in Tove.

    He's still working on it but I wanted to point out this massive individual effort on an often overlooked aspect of the game - the cornerstone. I rarely post to Forums but that's how big this guys work is.

    I hope he can get the props he deserves (and anyone else with a similar cornerstone - ya'll deserve it).


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    UPDATE - He FINISHED the song!!!!! Come try it it's great!

    ...and he's planning other stuff...holy cats!

    Come on down, hop to the top, get your mag riders out and enjoy the ride!

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    some pictures our a video would have been nice. otherwise we have no idea and we're just waiting until we just happen to run into his cornerstone.
    Check Out My Trove Builds
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    (Christmas Winter Wonderland House) - ( https://youtu.be/MHRUWbpbZo0 )

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    I told him about the thread in the hopes that he would do that. Boo.

    I wasn't sure that I could/should, yanno? I'll take some pics next time and post them (with his permission), see if I can do it justice. However, there's no way to do the song justice in pictures, so the effect will never be complete until you actually do see it/run through it.

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    I'm honored that anything I would build would get any attention. Just little ol' me building and having fun. Here is a link for the song that is in my cornerstone. It isn't much compared to others, but I put a good amount of time into it.


    At the very end is a brief view of my cornerstone as I glide down and there is a giant farm in the basement, but I don't show it.

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    Sounds pretty sweet, though if you really like building songs, you should do it in a club world so you can have more space and not need to break down the song in multiple floors. :P

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    oh wow, thank you, your songs blow mine out of the water! Yeah, putting them in cornerstones has a list of problems, but now it's there and my upper floors have a function, so i'm happy =) I'm very new to the game, so it was a learning experience.

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