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Thread: Class Power Update - What are some potential ability modifiers?

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    Shadow Hunter [Attack set]:

    Ability 1: Shard Shot
    Pierces 2 enemies or walls then detonates on contact with a third enemy or the ground. Explosion has a 2.5 block radius and creates 4-5 shards, which slows hit enemies down for 1 second.
    Ult: Heart of the Goddess
    Arrow explodes in a nova of 7-8 shards on hit with a 3.5 block explosion radius and creates a field of shards, slowing enemies and damaging them while boosting players.

    Ability 2: Radial Kick
    Roundhouse kicks nearby enemies, stunning for 1.75 seconds and slowing for 1 second afterward.

    Shadow Hunter [Tactical set]:

    Ability 1: Whisper Shot
    Shot can be held but don't need to charged. Marked enemies hit by this shot will be slowed by 33% for 2.5 seconds and poisoned for 5 seconds. While poisoned, enemies deal 10% less damage and receive 15% more damage.
    Ultimate: Judgement of the Goddess
    Fires a shot that burst in a radius when it hits. Enemies in this radius will be Marked for Deletion. This marks permanently slows by 15% and poisons. This poison is stronger, making enemies deal 20% less damage and receive 25% more damage. Mark of Deletion will only last for 10 seconds in shadow tower, and will not slow ST bosses. In pvp, Mark of Deletion will only last 10 seconds.

    Ability 2: Condensed Cloud
    Throws a canister full of clouds that slows enemies enveloped in the cloud, while slowly damaging them. Cloud formed covers a 3 block radius, and lasts for 5 seconds before dispersing. Bounces once.

    Shadow Hunter [Area Control set]:

    Ability 1: Volley
    Fire 3 shots in a spread area, which have a chance to bounce back and deal more damage.
    Ult: Gates of the Goddess
    Fire an arrow, which upon hitting will create a 5 by 5 area which enemies are trapped in for 4 seconds. In pvp, players will only be slowed, not trapped in this area.

    Ability 2: Flash Frag
    Throws a Frag which stuns enemies like a mobile Sun Snare and deals damage. Bounces around for 3 seconds or detonates on impact with a enemy.

    Ice Sage
    Ability 2: Freezing Shield
    Slows and damages nearby enemies

    Ability 2: Bloom Buddy
    Summons a bud that will either turn into a healing bloom or a powder bloom. Healing blooms will follow players and emit an area of healing, while Powder blooms will follow enemies with an aura of damaging pollen.

    Pirate Captain:
    Ult: Parrot Volley
    Attaches two parrot cannons to your back, will fire where you point to the tune of the 1812 Overture.

    Just a few random ideas.
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    I like minions.

    I want to replace the Tomb Raiser boring shield thing with a fun way to direct the summons around, and maybe another that favors numbers instead of his gimmick of sacrificing them for the big one.

    I could use some more illusions for the fae that do things like moving around to trick enemies into going places. Trickster, get more tricks. Same for the ninja because why not.

    Or, the pirate captain could summon some crewmates that charge forward and attack since he's not much of a captain now.

    The dracolyte could spawn dragonlings from the eggs instead of exploding them.

    The knight should be able to use his charge move through enemies, it's pretty useless now. Same for the lancer, he should pass through enemies when grappling so the move gets somewhat useful in combat, and maybe do a "get over here" when used on small enemies.

    That's all I got for now

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    Knight Ultimate - No longer restores lost health, instead it activates your passive for the duration of the Ultimate.

    Gunslinger Ultimate - Now fires fully charged shots, duration reduced by 60%

    Fae Decoy - Decoy now explodes upon expiration or destruction, health and duration significantly reduced.

    Draco Bombs - Damage reduced by 90%, now taunts enemies.

    Candy Barbarian Whirlwind - Pulls enemies in instead of pushing them away.

    Ice Sage Shield - No longer protects you from damage, increases movement speed and damage slightly more.

    Shadow Hunter Right Click - No longer needs to be charged, costs more energy.

    Pirate Captain First Mate - Starts at level 3, you NO LONGER GAIN DOUBLOONS.

    Boomeranger Boomerang - Swirls around you in a circle instead of flying straight forward, if it hits an enemy it returns to you.

    Tomb Raiser Ultimate - Golem now counts as 1-3 minions towards the summoning of a new golem, slightly reduced health.

    Lunar Lancer Hook - No longer can be grappled to, but explodes on enemy impact for increased damage, also aoe.

    Revenant Shield Bash - Damage Reduced, cooldown halved.

    Chloromancer - Can no longer have multiple lashers, now uses only one Large Lasher for increased damage at a slower attack rate.
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