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Thread: Class Power Update - What are some potential ability modifiers?

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    Class Power Update - What are some potential ability modifiers?

    I was thinking with the announcement, in the live stream that classes will get an equipment slot that will change and/or add to different abilities, and what potential ability modifiers there could be.

    The example they gave was the neon ninja gaining a shuriken after a dash, replacing root with knockback (please no KB lol D: ), and changing the dash into multiple tiny dashes.

    Here are a few sort of summoning related ones I was thinking about...

    For the Candy Barb's Elis Crom ability a replacement ability: Party Horse.

    Replaces your cone with a summoned piñata that could be hit to get candy out of and when breaks releases a swarm of piñata chickens. I think it'd be a fun theme with a Trojan horse kind of vibe that'd change up the ability in an interesting way (maybe not though lol).

    For the Dracolyte a change to how the egg works: The Egg Came First.

    On it's explosion a dragon chicken is spawned out of the egg. Depending on how strong the chicken is this could replace the blast damage or lower it. Again it's sort of a summoning related theme but for whatever reason I couldn't stop thinking about chickens :3

    Anywho, I could probably keep listing out ideas but I'd probably keep making chickens. Plus I was curious as to what you guys would think would be interesting ability modifiers for them to add c:
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    I'll try to have horizontal upgrades. That is, they gain something but lose something else.

    Knight smash taunts enemies instead of stunning them.

    Chloromancer lashes heal allies instead of dealing damage.

    Gunslinger manual charge shot/blast jump taunts enemies (Agro tank) at the cost of bigger charge time/more enegy.

    Boomeranger boomerang pierces enemies instead of stunning.
    Boomeranger boomerang explodes on impact, dealing extra damage instead of stunning.

    Candy barbarian spin attack pull enemies instead of pushing them.

    Dracolyte bombs replaced with a mega bomb, consuming 100 energy, requiring more hits to explode but dealing considerable more damage.

    Fae trickster glitter bomb freezes enemies but has reduced area of effect/single target.

    Ice sage ice crash freezes enemies like the ultimate for a second but with increased energy cost.

    Lunar lancer grappling spear pull enemies towards the lancer (Get over here!) but has a long cooldown.

    Pirate captain first mate replaced with an "elite" cannon that takes more doubloons to upgrade but has an additional level.
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    Gunslinger's charged shot inflicts a stun.
    Shadow Hunter's Radiant Arrow curves to hit shadow-marked targets.
    Dracolyte's bombs heal allies in the blast radius.
    Ice Sage's basic attack also slows enemies near whoever gets hit by it.
    Candy Barbarian's Eis Crom Cone gives nearby allies 50% of their energy back.
    Boomeranger's bomb destroys a larger radius of blocks.

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    I always wanted to have Knight's passive remain during his ultimate, i hope thats a possibility.

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    Neon Ninja's statis blade does DoT
    Neon Ninja's stats upped for a brief time while in stealth mode

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    M2 - Enrage
    Buffs the enemys damage but make it receive more damage. (lasts like 2-3 seconds)

    1 - Down slam
    Charge down at enemy and deal damage based on height at which you used ability (as well as damage)

    2 - Mount up
    You can only use auto attacks but they deal significantly more.

    passive - Each attack has a change to take the ultimate off cooldown.

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    Can't think of anything much myself, but maybe something to allow for a physical damage Rev to exist? Bulwark Bash is an amazing ability but the cooldown kills it, would be decent if you could decrease the cooldown but remove the aggro.

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    Fae trickster clones slow nearby enemies after exploding or do dmg...

    trickster ult no longer taunts or deals continuous damage but empowers the next 3 trickster auto attacks

    trickster skill 1 now does 300% damage to non-dungeon blocks

    trickster ult now instead summons 3 clones who throw glitter bombs instead of 3 staffs who shoot beams

    Trickster gains 10 attack speed for each active clone, at 5 clones and above additionally gain 5 crit damage per clone

    If trickster recieves more than 40% heath as damage in the last 2 second, instantly summon free clone and can use a free blink within 3 seconds 40 second cooldown

    Trickster ult additionally makes trickster's regular clones throw glitter bombs at nearest enemy (long range!) 1 time per clone while the ult is active

    Trickster ult is no longer 3 immobile staffs but one mobile mega clone that moves and deals melee splash damage

    Trickster skill 1 no longer explodes but leaves a pink and laserblue mist that deals damage over time to enemies inside

    trickster gain shield worth 20% max hp when struck for more than 50% of health within the last 2 seconds ( a cooldown of 10 second would be awesome)

    trickster clones now have double hp

    If trickster has 3 or more clone active, she can activate a skill to draw a triangle based on where the clones are located and allies inside this triangle get attac speed boost for 5 seconds (if 4 more clones active the last 3 summoned clones are used) this would have infinite Y axis range so Y axis position of clones wouldnt matter at all

    Trickster skill 1 now slows enemies instead of knocking them back

    Ego blast additionally slows enemies, or perhaps applies stacks of mark if hit same enemy with Ego Blastand at 5 stacks Trickster gains attack speed

    If trickster keeps ego blast with no damage for 10 seconds, next ego blast deals x5 damage instead of x3

    Trickster skill 2 no longer summons clone but summons a weaker single version of trickster ult that shoots enemies but has 20% reduced hp

    Trickster clones now attac targets but do no damage. Attacks slow enemies instead

    Trickster can destruct all clones and gain 8% hp for each one destroyed

    Trickster clone skill now uses 300% energy but spawns 2 clones that attack with melee and can move

    some of these suggestion can synergize with a potential "power up" that increases clone duration

    If you could add skill that made energy regeneration more important than damage such as making skills for trickster to support a group rather be a dps, that could vary trickster gameplay. The triangle attack speed one would be a good example of something where energy regeneration might be useful

    I love trickster and I hope they reinforce trickster strength of kiting with powerups

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    Why should i tell you, thats stalking
    Now this is making it overpowered as it already is, so please no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by platypuspenguin View Post
    Now this is making it overpowered as it already is, so please no.

    Ifyou are talking about my post, I was putting mutliple suggestions. I wasnt suggesting every one be added. But if 1 or 2, could be added that would be cool.

    The class power ups are coming whether you like it or not, and im just making ideas.

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