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Thread: Small tip(s) for pvp

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    Small tip(s) for pvp

    Disclaimer : I am by no means an expert at PvP. But these are some of the things I've been doing and it's been working out so far so I thought I'd share 'em with you. I usually play revenant to get the trophies but I switch between rev and LL when I'm flag running. Sometimes I switch to other classes depending on what's working and not working, but usually, it's just rev and LL.

    You can switch classes during any time of the match.
    - Low on health while someone's tail gating you? Switch to revenant for the free rev.
    - If you can't stand playing revenant in PvP and you're low, switch to him and suicide with the (1) ability and switch back for the free heal.

    Lunar Lancer's ult makes you do a 'ghost hit' with your (1) ability. Your opponent only needs to be within the ult's range to get hit by your (1) ability.
    - Use it against chloromancers when they guard the flag, You can kill them safely from a distance.
    - Grappling hook's vertical range is pretty high. hint: certain hub map glass wall. Gets you to the flag in less than 2 seconds.
    Opinion : LL is better than ice sage for guarding as you can instantaneously kill multiple enemies going for the flag and you can go after other enemies around as well, all while protecting the flag because of the ult's ghost hit ( even though it's a short period of time ).

    Opinion : Revenant is the best consistent melee killer as each hit does around 5k for the 1 skill and around 9k for the (2) skill. However, if you have a Lunar Lancer with the banner that gives the chronomantic item, it resets the delay so you can use your ult more often and is becomes the best flag runner, defender and killer. Though alternating between classes often gives you the best of each and is more advantageous than sticking with one class through the whole match.

    Note : my opinion might be objectively wrong and if it is, please correct me.

    Got any more tips? Share 'em, I wanna know tooo.

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    About the ghost hit, it works on PvE also, doubt its a bug or trick.
    Road to Game Programmer/Artist/Developer :3 / <3 Megurine Luka, Muryoku-P and Okame-P

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    do /respawn when you need to suicide.

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    so heres some of my tips:

    -When using banners the most important thing is the type (sniper/all rounder/flag runner). Any class with a strong ultimate will greatly benefit from the sniper banner due to its chrono powerup.
    -You can turn off fx by typing '/fxenable 0' and this will let you snipe people easier.
    -If you don't need energy then always jump. This is basically to make you less of a target to ranged classes - and if you do need energy then move from side to side.
    -Adjust to what other people are using. If 2 people in your team are already SH then there is no need for you to also go SH. If someone in your team is already running flags then focus on defending your one.
    -Always dodge... you have a dodge key and always use it because it makes you travel faster and avoid damage.

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