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Thread: TY trove

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    TY trove

    my total days badge and /stats are messed up and are 100 under what it really is..

    in MY club that I MYSELF created, some people haven't been on in over 300 days. my badge & /stats say 200.

    tried to enter a contest but can't because i have to show /stats or badges, and can't use what i have.

    TY trove for ruining my day. and yes i've already sent in a ticket, they don't care and haven't bothered helping.

    i'm getting off, and won't be reading replies on this thread unless a dev replies here.

    P.S. this is probably gonna be deleted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yuno44907 View Post
    Reading tickets must be hard. Send it again until they answer it. However that may fill their inbox.... Dont worry about those things. It doesnt matter. I just hate this game bcause of it doesnt have a real map like Archeage. And i hate Archeage bcause combat is sucks. I hate everything; everything could be better. I should be living in Austria. I should have a sex partner. I should have friendly job mates unlike those muslim villagers, who cant even read. Maybe i have to move another planet. I hope vampires dont eat me
    your reply's intregue me, so thought out. cant help it but to ask u what medication u take? or do u think the illuminati controls all medication and therby all people? ps. ive seen vampires nearby so be on ur guard!

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    Some of my friends stole blood from redCross tent and consumed it. They also said they are vampire. I wasnt believing vampires at this time, i just smiled how ever after seeing even more vampires and making research; i can say vampires and they completely human. Soo things even more weirder than i think. I am sure this universe is a lie and real universe have completely different laws. Some humans are really vampire, also some humans maybe not even really exist....... Matrix, get the idea. I cant understand the logic. Why everything is too illogical. Politicans, assassinations, executions, suicides, myterious deaths.....

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    I'm trying to learn something like that.
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    i also newbie in thi game, but your score looks good

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