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    Announcing Trovesaurus' Art Gallery

    Hi! I'm Tabby, Trovesaurus' new gallery manager. I've been working on the gallery with Etaew. I'll be moderating the queue for new fan-art over on Trovesaurus. If you have any questions or concerns, just shoot me a PM!

    We wanted to help share the images you guys have been creating and realized we needed a central index of it to prevent them getting buried on the forums or lost in separate galleries, so we've been working on a new feature to support Trove's artists and show the world their wonderful work. Here, you will be able to...
    • View art images with various filters, tags and authors
    • Like and comment on individual images, and where applicable view the source of them
    • View lists of images you have liked
    • Add your own art images, new entries are placed in a moderation queue.

    Please leave your feedback on this thread, too! It'd really help us a lot.

    Note: If we've already added your images, send Etaew or Tabby a message and they can transfer ownership to you. This will allow you to edit the image as well as view a list of all your images easier.

    If you want to directly submit your art through this thread, comment below and fill out this form:

    Imgur Link:
    Original URL:

    Visit the Gallery


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    This is a really great addition! Thank you for setting this up. It will be extremely helpful when gathering Livestream material and will also allow others to see what was featured.

    I love to see all the imagination you guys put into your creations!

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    The following changes are now live:
    - You will now be able to see the items you have submitted that are not yet visible via the "View Hidden" button.
    - Added extra prompts on the value of the Imgur field
    - Fixed an issue where it didn't track the user who submitted art, I've gone through and set some owners, others will have to message me or Tabby to transfer ownership.

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    Really excited you are handling managing this! Yay art!

    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post

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    me yesterday in trove

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