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Thread: The Metalhead - Tomb Raiser Style

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    The Metalhead - Tomb Raiser Style

    Hi All,

    So you might of obtained the Mag rider Metalhead at some point during your gameplay and thought - "Pretty cool tune! Beats the Dance pad any day"

    But upon discovery not only days after its release the Tomb Raiser hears something a little.... Different. I didn't realise it was unknown to so many players but have a listen to the disturbed music. I brought it up in club chat today and everyone had no idea!

    The only explination is that the Tomb raiser has a more adept sense of the "other side" and is able to hear the souls of the dead - Those souls which forged the Metalhead mag rider.

    Only the Tomb Raiser class can hear the true cries of the dead wailing as the Metalhead mag rider is driven. All 13 other classes hear the standard music playing.

    A great addition to the game, thanks Trion!

    - LordHaart89

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    I knew this for a while, only I don't have the Metalhead so I don't know what it sounds like.
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    dont you know? all metal heads are satanists.. ALL HAIL SATAN \m/

    on a serious note thats neat

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    It's on the wiki since a good while.

    Just didn't know how it sounds till I put my hands on it. I hear something like "Power", "Destruction" on a low pitched voice in the middle of it.

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    Yea he would hear screams of people suffering from hell and demonic callings as his music to his ears. well boneless ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdog View Post
    Yea he would hear screams of people suffering from hell and demonic callings as his music to his ears. well boneless ears.
    pretty sure all ears are boneless m8

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    Dracolyte's ult affects Dance Pad and Tomb Raiser affects Metalhead.

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    I remember putting that up in the wiki ever since that mag rider first came out, still never thought there would still be people who didn't know about it. xD

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    This could be some serious creepy pasta material
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    Yeah most people don't read XD

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