S3 Mh/J (x2)
S3 Mh/Er (x2)
S3 Pd/Stab (x1)
S3 Mh/Ch (x4)
S3 Md/Stab (x1)
S2 Mh/Er (x3)
S2 Mh/J (x1)
S2 Mh/Stab (x1)
S2 Md/Er (x1)
S2 Md/Hr (x1)
S2 Md/J (x1)
S2 Md/Stab (x1)
S2 Pd/Hr (x1)
S2 Pd/Er (x2)
S2 Pd/Stab (x2)
S2 Pd/Mf (x2)
S2 Pd/J (x2)
S2 Pd/Ch (x1)

Other Stuff :
GloamFish (x2) [1:4000]
Other Stuff :
Diggsly [Need All] [1:900]
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul [Need All] [1:500]
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul [Need All] [1:3000]
Dragon Coin [Need All] [1:1400]
Arena Coin [Need All] [1:2,700]
Shapestone Ore [Need All] [1:2]
Primordial Flame [Need All] [1:10]
Robotic Salvage [Need All] [1:15]
Mushroom Chank [Need All] [1:3]
Enchanted Wood [Need All] [1:20]
Steed Feed [Need All] [1:6]
Bottle [Need All] [1:4]
Faerie Dust [Need All] [1:9]
Glacial Shard [Need All] [1:5]
Bleached Bone [Need All] [1:17]
Golden Soul [Need All] [1:10]
Infinium Ore [Need All] [1:4]
Blank Scroll [Need All] [1:65]
Wild Cupcake [Need All] [1:7]
Sticky Ichor [Need All] [1:16]
Somber Soul [Need All] [1:15]
Sunlight Bulb [Need All] [1:2]
Eye Of Q'bthulhu [Need All] [1:2]
Tentacle Of Q'bthulhu [Need All] [1:70]
Winter Dragon Soul [Need All] [1:600]

The Ring :
S4 Mh/Mf

IGN : MistrzuDawid