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Thread: Wts/wtb/wtt

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    ((((((((UPDATED DAILY))))))))

    S4 melee PD/MH/HR/AS full pearls*****
    S1 Bow PD/CD/CH
    S1 Hat MH/CD/MF
    S1 Melee PD/CD/CH(2)**
    S1 Face MH/AS/PD***
    S3 PD/CH 4k

    Treasure isles ally
    Common 150 each(100+)
    Uncommon 800-1.2k(5)
    rare 12-14k(0)

    Cheap Mounts(Negotiable)
    Shadow key 1:150(Fixed)
    Shapestone 1:2(Fixed)
    Glim 2:1(Fixed)Need bulk
    Radiat Shards 1:3 (FIXED)Need bulk


    Leave a comment
    Im looking for a profit here. TY

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    /w me IGN:SirHion

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