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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepski View Post
    Was great to see the devs playing some of our arenas during today's stream!
    Here is the link for the stream:

    List updated.
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    I added some pictures to my other post, so if you could update that, it'd be great
    Siggggggs yayyyyyyy
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    Except me. I'm definitely not a bot.

    A bot would never say that.

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    Bumping up c:

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    So I already made my second arena! The first, as you can see in the first post, was focused on the flags. This one is focused on killing! Inspired by trench warfare, it features a U shaped trench at either end, with craters, biplanes, barrage balloons, "barbed wire" etc in the largely open "no-man's land" area. Tested this out with some club members and it was really rather fun!

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    /joinworld KineticSymphony
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    this arena was just something i laid out to test out all the pvp elements(its located down at the beach house to the right of the main bridge) but its really quite something. a combination of open field battling ,incline mountains to reach the drop off and pick up points,underwater battling which is quite fun,and underground tunnels which may just turn into something more in the future.

    i'll take some pictures of if tomorrow. also its basicly impossible to get back to the spawn points once you jump off the roof so there's very little chance of sniping that as well

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    /joinworld fluffers
    Club: Fluffers

    This arena is the first of 2 arenas that will be in our club (2nd one still under construction). Around it is completely lava, so if you fall, good luck. The sides are blocked so you can't use a Dracolyte to speed capture a flag since they're able to survive the lava.

    There's a large "bowl" of water below, where the blue/red flags are placed.

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    Defiant few we have multiple arenas in here

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    Hi All

    First of all Thanks for making a this thread

    I made my own Simple & Easy Arena in my club world If anyone interested feel free to visit my club & have fun

    In game chat command : /joinworld Tower Defenders

    For More Info & Any Other feedback you can click Here

    Good Day to You All!

    Be always friendly, Respectful and Depending on the circumstances thankful! Just as much to club members as to everyone else!
    And the most important thing; Being a Good Gamer!

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    Eternal Skyguards now has a second. Its right under the spawn:


    Blue and Red team spawn in a 90% degree angle from eachother.
    Team flags downstairs, delivery upstairs! Flag of strife is on the hanging platform.


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    /joinworld Frozen Hearts

    the arena is around this area:

    and the portal is in the middle of the arena on top of the glass roof.
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