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    Resolved - Server Connectivity Issue - 11/30/15 - 11:45 AM PST / 7:45 PM GMT

    Update 4: We've been back online for a little while, and things are looking very good. We'll keep an eye on things, but you're good to sign in and play again. Thanks for your patience!

    Update 3 - 6 PM PST / 2 AM GMT - The servers are going through the final steps of the restart, and we'll be able to test if things are working as they should in the next few minutes. I'll post another update in 1 hour, if we're not already online.

    Update 2 - 4 PM PST / 12 AM GMT - We've made a few changes to resolve the ongoing server issues, and are starting the process of another full restart. As the process can still take a while, I'll post another update in 2 hours, if we're not yet back online. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

    Update 1 - 2 PM PST / 10 PM GMT - We've completed the server restart, but there are still issues connecting to Club Worlds, so we're doing some additional investigation. I'll post another update in two hours, if we're not already back online.

    Hello all,

    We're having a server issue that is causing players to get stuck while trying to sign into Trove. Our team is working to get this fixed as we speak, and we'll keep you up to date with news in this thread.

    While we investigate, we may need to bring the game offline, so please bear with us. I'll post an update in two hours (at 2PM PST / 10 PM GMT).

    Check out this post on server improvements we have on the way to help prevent issues like this down the road.

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    Gimme my strawberries back you meanie

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    thx for the info fasti :P


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    SOmetimes i just wish servers would not come up.... :/

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    England cuz EU>NA
    Goodluck. x

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    alright, noted.
    i'll wish us some server improvements for christmas
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    Error 404: Not Found.

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    ill just sit here and wait

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    Trove China
    I kindda Got used to this Server issues "CLICHE"
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    *phew* Glad to see this is being worked on. You rock devs!
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