So, here is mine list of things that i would love to see in game.
  • Making creative world/game client for making doungeon wuld be great addition to game. Like, I would love to use TROVE creative client to make doungeons. I don't like that free voxel programs.
  • game need better tutorial, some new players stop playing game just they think that game suck because they don't now what to do, with items they get it, they don't know what to do when you reach lvl. 10, etc.
Multi translation
  • I think many who would like to translate game to their native language.
Clube World
  • Tags for clube world names, I don't want to have name "Take4Spam of The Giant Kitty Kat For You" but for me it will be better to have "[GKK] Take4Spam"
  • Club World wars (capture the flag)
  • Skill trees (I would love to skill the ability when I lvl. up)
  • more skills (the class now got only 2 skills and that's boring).
  • Advanced Skills (I would love to see some ultimate attack, when you get like 100 rage, like you could select ultimate attack in skill tree and then us it when you get 100 rage. (magical: meteor fall, male: super punch, tank: Super shield)). something like that will make game more interesting.
  • Fight able pets, you could get pet, that will help you to fight, you could find, ranged pets, male pets, tank pets, healer pets, etc.
  • More monster, right now we got copy paste monster from other bioms. Like evry biome have monsters with same skills and they even don't look so much different.
  • Mounts are realy nice addition to the game, but some mounts are to expensive.
  • I would like to see some nice city as hub, with npc walking around.
  • Pet shop, gods shop, class shop, etc. in different houses. Pressing "N" and buy items don't have any sense. Houses in hub need some inside decoration, and making shops from them would be great addition. Even new player that don't know for "N" will be better, they just go to house/shop and buy it (pressing e on npc).
  • Dungeons need some story mode, like signs or npc telling you what happen to him.
  • So user interface have big meaning in game. Better UI is, better the game is. But UI could give us more information, like some note block, etc.
  • /help could open you nice GUI windows, with lot of help. a fast ms paint
  • better chat, right now I don't like chat, its very useless, you need to use too much time /join "name". something like hat would be nice
What you guys want in game?