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Thread: Club gone from list

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    Club gone from list

    After the update and before the server reboot today I noticed that one of my clubs has disappeared. I was part of two clubs. One I can still see and access, but the second one (which is now gone) I was the only member of. After the restart the club is still gone from my list and I don't know of any way to join back into it to get my loot out of the chests.

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    someone in my club had this issue before server reboot too but we haven't been able to get into the game yet to check again.

    He re logged and it reappeared but when he took a portal it disappeared again then server went to reboot.
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    Angry same.

    yeah the same happend to me.... im somewhat mad beacause thats my 2nd clan that i like ;-;

    soz mad

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