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Thread: [Class Idea] Shaman

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    Wow, this seriously sounds cool, but even if it did get into the game, what would the crafting recipe be? Would it be crafted at a chaos core crafter or would it have its own crafting bench in another biome?Either way, I hope this class gets into the game. It's just something we need.

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    I think we dont need anymore dps classes i think we need an actual TANK class or an actual SUPPORT class , i could see a class that can heal teammates or give them damage boots and stuff.

    Or maybe a tank class with Damage Reduction % and other things i cannot think of

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    I reckon the Shaman idea is a very good one, I have been playing Trove for years now so having another class would be nice, personally I think the idea hints more towards a Necromancer kind of character, which we have Tomb Raiser, I think the class should be more or less more elemental kind of, being able to harness like maybe earth or fire, water, wind... either way something, if you were to do all of those ideas in one, it would probably go along the lines of, (LMB = Fireball, RMB = Ice Spear, 1 = Tornado, Ultimate = Boulder, Passive = Rock Armour) Rock Armour, Implementing the idea of your defence bonus in a way, lasting up to 30 seconds, raising defence by +50%. and then the class gem I think is a good idea, making the Tornado ability for example into maybe a giant healing aura similar to one of the chloromancer abilities? I don't know... just some ideas to let out.

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