Post your best Trove meme!

I think this small little contest will be fun and I can't wait to see responses.

Basically all you have to do is open Photoshop (or Paint, but who still uses it) and create a funny/relate-able Trove meme. There isn't any theme, just as long as it meets the guidelines of a meme. I'm sure all of you know what a meme is so I don't need to explain. (I hope)

-Please do not copy (this applies to copying from the internet too).
-Make sure the meme isn't offensive to anyone.
-Try not to swear. Otherwise use alternating words such as "Frick"
-You can post as many as you want.


10 Rocket Codes! (If we get lots of responses I'll bump it to 15.)

Contest ends one week after the creation of this post.