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Thread: [Costume] Spring Knight

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    [Costume] Spring Knight


    I decided to throw up a costume I made a while back for the fun of it.

    The concept itself was pretty simple, a knight based around some mellow colors of spring. I toyed with ideas around knight of the roses and the like but fell back to more subdued colors since I tend to like gravitate towards them anyway.

    I might have to lose the shield but I thought it added an interesting touch to the design c:

    The weapon technically already got accepted since I decided to submit it to /r/TroveCreations because I really like'd the idea behind it and wasn't sure if I was ever going to post the costume.

    Originally Zoe helped me with some VFX but seeing as they're no longer accepting those I'll leave those off for now C:

    Imgur album

    Troxel(not to scale)

    Dropbox link

    I decided to try another vibrant version based off some feedback I got outside of this thread, I made a new sword to match that new color scheme as well as a entirely new helm that I think fits the classic knights visor a bit closer. Let me know what you guys think of that one as well!

    Imgur album for bright version

    Dropbox link for Bright version
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    Mmmmm a shield, download link plox ', : )

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    so nice costume!

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    nice costume! i like this support +1

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    I love it <3

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    Colors look good but I feel like a helm might be called for just to really let this stand out. Maybe give the shield some thickness as well. Also, I hear there are rumors that the next class will be a shield-wielder so I'm not sure if this might in the end work better with that class once it comes out.

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    I'd make the shield a bit taller, but over all I like the light color to it! Good work

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    So cute :O
    Now make a winter version for me c:

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    I wasn't feeling it before, but now that you've added that helm...this is adorable! +1

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    Spring Knight

    OoOo! Zombie-esk knight! Not sure if that's how you should put it, but either way...looks great!!
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