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Thread: [Dragon] Two mechanical Dragons

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    [Dragon] Two mechanical Dragons

    Trovian Scientists have successfully created prototype machines with terrifying capabillities.
    Each prototype uses a different power source and as their power sources differ so do their properties.
    The power sources come from specifically processed shards that are commonly found on the various realms.
    Due to the potential threat the processing method for each shard is kept a secret.

    EL.C.TR.C.T Prototype
    This Prototype uses Radiant Shards as its power source.

    - Radiant Shards color changes to Light Yellow after being processed.
    - This prototype is able to negate most of its weight when accessing some of the Radiant Shard's properties, this negation is not total which results in a slow descent.
    - A small power spike followed by a short circuit will cause a massive radial energy discharge, when this discharge happens in a cyllindric chamber of a certain mineral it transforms into a bolt of concetrated energy that explodes on impact.
    - Radiants shards appears to have a limitless supply of energy, the shard itself has limited energy which rapidly recharges itself upon partial or complete depletion.

    SH.D.W Prototype
    This Prototype uses Shadow Shards as its power source.

    - Shadow Shards color changes to Red after being processed.
    - Shadow Shards cannot negate weight, after many experiments a way to temporary cause a directional force effect was devised, this force is able to push the source object towards the opposite direction but does not seem to affect any other objects that are not directly in contact with the source object, this force effect is not strong enough to allow an object of this prototype's weight to uplift itself or even completely negate the gravitational force.
    - An energy blaster was installed from an older project which was abandoned due to insufficient supply of energy which no longer is an issue.
    - Shadow Shards also appear to have unlimited supply of energy but unlike Radiant Shards they cannot recharge when their stored supply of energy is accessed for this this prototype holds multiple power sources that are switched through when one power source's supply is reaching low levels.

    █████ Prototype
    This Prototype uses █████ Shards as its power source.

    -█████ Shards color changes to Blue after being Processed.
    -█████ Shards behave allmost identically to Shadow Shards which might be a clue towards the origin of the Shadow Shards.
    -█████ Shards color changes to Teal in certain occassions, scientists are unable to explain the phenomenon.
    -As █████ Shards Behave allmost identically to Shadow Shards apart from some odd cases it was decided that the SH.D.W Prototype's was to be used as well for this prototype as well.

    All these machines are not made for battle as their hulls are not durable enough.

    EL.C.TR.C.T Prototype
    SH.D.W Prototype
    █████ Prototype

    This mod was requested Clumsy Bee.
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    WOW they look really good just from the gif!
                                 sesh till i rest

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    Didn't knew the sources of them lol

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    Wow I love the red and black one 1+

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    really nice dragon!

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    Very creative, love the lore. +1
    Quote Originally Posted by Avarem View Post
    This is unnecessary.
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    Hot dayum son!

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    TBH Curtharv the Mecha 1 doesn't look good and pretty much of the majority will pick Mecha 2 :3

    -1st Tester of the mod XD

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    I dunno how to record a gif! (Would be great if someone teach me how to )

    Image above is mech 2 (Of course) Flyin in-game
    Just for those interested to see it

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    SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these dragons deserve to be in-game this is awesome!
    please click him

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