Hey guys and welcome to the dragonsoblivtionevalution, i am here (leader) mksoellner here to recruit anyone, now a few things..
We have portals from beginning to uber 2, and we have a shadow portal, no sky portal we are working on that, but we need help on making things for the club and building up our firepower for oncoming events and we even supply gear / ally and all other things, but anyway, rules: 1. u get promoted when i want to no begging or anything please. . 3. please no fighting or you will be demoted or kicked. 4. have fun in the club and everything its not a bad things to have fun! 5. pleaase do not brag, you can show ur stuff just dont say that ur better at this or etc. Ok, now thats outta the way, here is what u need to do: state you online name, how often you come on, your age and what level and mastery you are ( hint type /mastery to look at your mastery) anyways guys that's it but if u have any questions i come on this daily and i love to recruit and stuff, and i hope you guys start posting if your looking for a club just remeber look at the list

State age
How often you are on
mastery level

From: (leader) mksoellner