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    Welcome to the recruitment and informational thread for AmongstFrienemies!!

    AF is THE top Club in Trove for high-end players. Members must have a strong desire to not only succeed, but excel in everything we do in game. AF is not a starter, hand holding or leveling club. Our membership is end game geared and ready to crush anything that Trion chooses to throw our way. Currently, the focus or our attentions is the Shadow Tower and getting as many members in the top 100 as possible. We do not sell runs at purple name nor endorse that endeavor in any way. It is petty and pathetic and speaks volumes as to the character of those that do. During this past weekly reset, I counted 40 members of AF in the top 100 leader board for DOTM HM. 40% of the leader board is dominated by AmongstFrienemies!! At the time of this post, AF also hold both of the top two recorded kill times of DOTM HM in the world.

    MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for consideration include the following:
    Edited to increase minimum reqs on 10/14/15
    • 4 Radiant Weapons, fully optimized for the classes intended. (Melee, Staff and 2 of the 3 remaining weapons)
    • BARE MINIMUM of one full set of optimized, 42 gear for a staff class. Multiple gear sets should be on your short list of to do if you don't have them already. This includes the appropriate S4 ring for your classes. MF does not count so don't ask...
    • 2 separate damage % faces, both PD and MD. Not one face that you tent back and forth...
    • BOTH PD/ER and MD/ER S4 rings. Both.
    • 97 Mastery (This is the last combat bonus from Mastery. Expect this requirement to increase as the Mastery Cap increases.)
    • The following Flasks and Emblems: Bandolier, Death Defying, Arcane, Martial, Vampiric, Sorcerous Servitor, Cheep Cheep (Or Both Mastery versions) and ONE of the following (CHRONOMANTIC or BERSERKER). You are expected to work on the other ASAP.
    • Curse Voice is the chosen method of verbal communications that are used for ST and other club activities. This is not an option. If you cannot, or choose not to download and at least listen in, do not bother posting. Again, not an option. Communication is imperative for smooth runs and optimal times.
    • Strong grasp of in-game mechanics and common sense.
    • Willing to be loyal to one club, that would be AmongstFrienemies, if direct competition exists. The decision as to what "direct competition" is solely up to Amongst; he makes the call. Thems' the breaks...have to make a choice sometimes.
    These are not up for negotiation. Requirements will be verified via screen shots and using the trading post in game. Don't attempt the B.S. route, we can smell it a mile away.

    What can you expect as a member of AmongstFrienemies? A large player base that has been pre-screened as geared and competent to run all current content. This not only includes ST but U6 speed farming with full MF gear, shard farming in ST or Sky, clearing challenges fast, etc. Inherent with a higher caliber player base is a vast amount of gaming knowledge and experience. Most people here have been there, done that. We expect members to make and actively push to remain on the leaderboards with current ST content and future additions as well.

    What can you NOT expect as a member of AmongstFrienemies?? We are not here to hold your hand. You need to continue the gearing process and fill holes in your kit as needed on a personal basis. WE will not farm for you. You will not be handed purple names without working for it. It takes a team of 8 hard-chargers to pull top times in the top 100. Form your own groups, ask questions; be dilligent! AF is not Trade Chat. DO not join with the intentions of hawking your crap to our people. It is one thing to mention that you have an odds or end available on the cheap to a club mate in chat. It is another to pimp your junk non-stop. Do Not Do it.

    We full recognize that our way is not the way of everyone else. It is a pain in the arse to stay at the top. You tend to garner hate from those striving to get where you are. It is worth if if you are willing to put in the time. Do you have what it takes to be AmongstFrienemies??

    Contact us in game for any further questions regarding membership and assistance with information on how to further gear up to become a future member.

    Leader: AmongstEnemies
    Peons that help as needed:
    Couple other people...contact one us.

    Old and outdated thread: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...269#post441269

    ETA: I cannot believe that I need to state this but here goes; do not try to apply as a pair of people and attempt to share gear. C'mon people, that is disrespectful to the people that have put their time in to get where they are and a waste of time and energy to all involved. Jeez...

    ETA on 10/14/15: Requirements for membership have increased. Please read completely.

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    reserved for more crap later...

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    ayy lmao //12
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    *double post* rip

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    Hey d4nny_! Looking for you in game now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamiston View Post
    Hey d4nny_! Looking for you in game now.
    alright, ill be on now
    IGN: D4nny_

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    Hi all! If you are interested, please post here and contact one of us in game. I am usually available during the day and evening US central time.

    Best of Luck!
    IGN Korec

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    Hi hi i'm sib, i've been looking for a club like this and i would much appreciate it if you would review my application! IGN is sib_ru by the way.

    1- http://prntscr.com/8o8vpv
    2- http://prntscr.com/8o8vet
    3- http://prntscr.com/8o8v8t

    - http://prntscr.com/8o8wxd

    - http://prntscr.com/8o8xbn

    - http://prntscr.com/8o8xdi

    ty ty! -sib

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