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Thread: WTS Polar Caterkiller

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    WTS Polar Caterkiller

    WTS the new mount: Polar Caterkiller (SOLD)
    Looking for 95k
    IGN: Tyberin

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    *lower price bump*

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    Whoever tried to buy it from me twice during the day. Sorry if you wait long in my club for a trade. Sadly I didn't write down your nick and I was of for like 6h cuz of problems with ISP.
    *So I rebumping this once the problem are gone and looking for a buyer*

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    il offer u ingame dont sell it

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    Still not sold. That 85k offer from dude above wasn't what I was looking for.
    Yet. I can cut the price by 5k because I would like to invest some flux into gear tonight. So it's 95k.

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    Can I buy for 90k?

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