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Thread: new shadows eve idea

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    new shadows eve idea


    have a dungeon Halloween themed with Halloween themed monsters such as skeletons, candy corn bees, zombies etc etc

    so in this dungeon wen the skull is activated there is 10 waves and on last wave you got the boss the headless horseman if u beat him you have a chance of getting one of 4? costume pieces theirs head, face?, body and weapon

    last years shadows eve was okay

    if i didn't post this in the right section sorry
    trove should have a suggestion section js

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    yes please

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    But it shouldnt ve the only reward right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feredhel View Post
    But it shouldnt ve the only reward right?
    i said it has a chance of getting one of 4 pieces it might not drop

    it can also drop candy corn for the other things you could craft

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