Arriving 9/21/2015

This Week's Events!
  • Faster Fishing - For this week only the fish are biting faster than ever. Twice as fast actually!
  • Double Dragon - Earn two guaranteed dragon souls for the first challenge you complete every day instead of just one! This is also the last week for the Ancient Dragon, so hurry up and get your Drag on (get it?)

Store Updates
  • Chaos Chests have been updated! This week is a little bit frosty and features a few old snowy mounts and one new one!

Additional Fixes
  • The Rename Tag now asks for your new name before consuming the item.
  • Terraforming now notifies you if you do not have terraforming privileges in a world.
  • Fix teleport to hub persistent sound issue.
  • Disabled fallback to software rendering on Mac clients when using features unsupported by the current graphics hardware or driver. This may result in a FPS increase for certain users but may cause visual artifacts for the same users.