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Thread: Pixels United ( Recruiting)

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    Pixels United ( Recruiting)

    password: Pixels


    About Us

    Pixels United is new club created by two streamers Bluturtles & Ifantomen. We focus especially on playing together, having fun and helping one and another. Whether you're up for fishing, gathering, dungeons, shadow arenas, challenges, or building you'll find someone to tag along! We are ever growing and currently we are growing way faster than any of us expected. We constantly have awesome new members joining us, along with more and more content being built to the club world every day.

    We do have rules but they are more like common sense ( DOWN BELOW) also check out the architect recruitment requirements below!

    Ifantomen, Bluturtles
    Twitch.tv/ifantomen Twitch.tv/bluturtles


    Like all communities/clubs, We have some rules.

    1. No spamming the club chat.
    2. No begging! Asking for help is expectable but begging for it is not.
    3. Respect each other and have fun! We are not an overly serious club! Newbies and elites are welcome.
    4. Being inactive for more than 14 days will get you kicked. (exception will be held if you tell leaders directly about holidays)
    5. No excessive swearing or harassment!

    Please fill out this form to apply to be an architect:
    You MUST answer the questions with a red star next to it.

    Ign: *

    Twitch Name:

    Mastery Rank:? *

    Do you have any past experience in other clubs, if so which ones?*

    Who are you a follower of? Which streamer?*
    (Option : Bluturtles, Ifantomen, Both, or neither)

    Please provide atleast 1 link to a image of your personal cornerstone & creation.*

    Are you good at taking directive from someone else if they need something built?*
    (Options : yes , no , it depends)

    In Game:
    Send a private message to an Leader or Officer asking to join. (general members)

    Trove Forums:
    Send a private message to a Leader or Officer here in the Trove forums, or reply to this thread with your IGN (In Game Name) asking to join. (general members & architects)

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    We welcome and will help all newbies to the game!

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    404: Not Found
    So do i need to fill that form out if im just looking for a club to replace my main one? (it... kinda died)

    EDIT: nvm, im an idiot. didnt read the yellow text. thought it was a sig. ill send you a message after i get PTS downloaded

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