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Thread: Ladders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaen View Post
    You can manage leaving them open but its tricky. I have sets of them with one door opened and one door closed that you can walk through.
    Ah, right, I'll give it another go, changing positions a bit. The Saloon Doors and Bead Curtains look OK, but I do like the look of those doors.

    I tried using banners and it just didn't suit my tastes, I suppose.

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    If you want to see how I did it friend me ingame and I'll let you take a look.

    Edit: Same name as my forum name.
    What's this RL? Is there a portal for it?

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    Don't give up on your tree house dream yet! You can just make a bigger trunk and create a winding stair case

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    @Babygirl, please refrain from necro-ing old threads. The last reply on this post was in 2015 before you posted. Would appreciate it if a mod would lock this thread or something.
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    Agreed with the above and locked as requested, thanks Hyperiem

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