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Thread: [Costume] EverDark Summoner (Q'bthulhu Invasion Continues!)

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    Cool [Costume] EverDark Summoner (Q'bthulhu Invasion Continues!)

    || EverDark Summoner ||
    From Q'bthulhu's dark army, the putrid tentacled summoner invades the Sky Realm once again!

    Costume replaces lvl 1 Tomb Raiser Costume

    Hood replaces Shadome (Mastery Helm)

    Staff replaces Cygnus Sceptre (Spring Style 1)

    Something I've been wanting to continue for a long time. This was inspired by my own costume, Shadow's Disciple. Without using the entire color palette (mostly the green-blues) I made a more sort of oceany esque version meant to have a sort of octopus like appearance as well as keeping the dark mystique of the Q'bthulhian army. The summoner calls forth the Gremtacles, small, annoying sort of creatures which do most of the damage by overwhelming the enemy with shear numbers. But, the summoner's greatest weapon is the golem-like Chumerius, a giant monstrosity concocted of various tainted sea creatures combined into one.

    As always, feel free to leave suggestions/ideas/additions/subtractions/etc.



    After the fall of the sun realm, much of the Shadow Army sunk back into the darkest parts of the ocean, never to be seen for quite a long time. The Sun Goddess' sacrifice seemed to quell whatever darkness had attempted to smother the light from the Trovian lands. Over time, the evil began to spread again, bringing with it some old faces that had yet to see the light of the sun for hundreds of years.

    First, were the Shadow's Disciples, the most loyal and numerous of the army. They'd lost most of the darkness in their brains, actually siding with the good Trovians to battle the shadows back which threatened the world once again.

    Second were the esteemed generals, the EverDark Summoners. Alot of the shadow taint still lingered in their foul minds, so they were highly hostile towards basically everything for a time. Even as they sided with Trovians against the shadows, it was a bit of a bipolar relationship; as a veteran of war, one might snap even after being sent back home.

    The shadow army's general would spend alot of their time during the war just continously gathering the Gremtacles and Chumerious to do their bidding, also ordering the other Shadow's Disciples into battle.











    More Images:



    How to use the EverDark Summoner Costume:

    Follow this guide here!: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...nstalling-Mods



    EverDark Summoner
    Costume: Replaces lvl 1 Tomb Raiser Costume
    Hat: Replaces Shadome (Mastery Hat)
    Staff: Replaces Cygnus Sceptre (Spring Style #1)



    Art Section

    Basic Rules:

    1.) Art must be your OWN work, you can have friends/family help you though. I wouldn't recommend random strangers... they'd probably think YOU were strange.
    2.) It should be family friendly!
    3.) You should post it to a website like imgur.com so you can share it with me easier.


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    Looks awesome. I'll be applying it as soon as I get home :3

    also... FIRST! : d

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    Another amazing costume! I really, really love your take on the Q'bthulhu lore, I hope this costume gets added to the game just like the Shadow Disciple. Are you gonna accept writing/stories for this contest, similar to your manta ray contest that recently ended? If so I'll probably do another story

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    Dat Ulti though. So creepy, in a good way.

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    This is a pretty ambitious costume! I just have two quick points. First, why make the staff replace a Spring style rather than just a starter staff? Seems to unnecessarily limit people being able to use it.

    Second, that ultimate. I'm not really sure how else to say it - the idea seems cool, but there are two points of concern I see. First, the fish face looks terribly derpy - so rather than an intimidating sea monster I feel like he would be my special friend following me around. Also, it appears that...uhh, below the belt, he's a bit "happy" to see me. That tail seems to be unfortunately placed so as to no longer look like a tail.

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    This is something I feel like I might of seen in some crazy 80s cartoon. Either that, or something induced by heavy drug use.


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    Lookin' good Sushi. Glad someone else out there is making some quality costumes, I've been at a block lately, that, and work. I especially like the crazy fishman ult, definitely creative
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    Dayum, that Ult looks epic, I especially love the ult's anchor hand lol

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    Do want! Trino make it happen plz
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    Shadow's Disciple brother? cool.

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