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Thread: [Pixels United] Bluturtles Exchange

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    [Pixels United] Bluturtles Exchange

    Shadow keys (10) 1:300f
    Spring pin head (2) 1kf each SOLD OUT
    Summer Styles (21) 150f each SOLD OUT
    Summer pin Head (1) 1kf SOLD OUT
    Summer Pinata MOUNT ( 2) 15kf each SOLD OUT
    Summer Style Surprises (18) 300f each SOLD OUT
    Booster Seat (1) Highest offer on this forum! (DO NOT TRY TO OFFER INGAME)
    Rapt berserker ( 1) 5kf SOLD OUT

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    May 2015
    ill buy summer styles and summer style surprises
    ign thebunkerman

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    Jul 2015
    i buy all sum pin and smmer style and spring head
    IGN Nubkeyk

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    Jul 2015
    ill buy spring pin head and sum pin mount

    ign ChaosIX

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    i buy summer pinata mount
    IGN LongSenpai

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