This idea is for a potentially huge update for a Chinese New Year themed update that would be perfect for this February and will be a fairly long, or very long post.

-------Thought Process-------

I thought it may be interesting for some of you to read how I came up with this idea and how random my thought process really is. So I was riding around on my Nimble Nimbus and I thought "this would be cooler if I were Goku. Wait isn't there Goku styled hair that I can wear? but there isn't really an orange character in the game is there..." And that's the start of a long thought on what would be cool if added to the game.

-------New Class-------

First let's get on with the most exciting and most needed addition to the game idea. A new class called the Shaolin Monkey. Now as the name implies he would be a warrior-esk type character dealing melee damage, sporting an orange gi with no insignia and a monkey tail(most likely wrapped around his waist line unless it can be well done without having to be in a fixed position.) His abilities would be Shaolin and Sun Wu Kong themed (refer to Chinese Mythology if you do not know the story of Sun Wu Kong.)
(The abilities can be changed to fit more of a balance to the character, but i thought the ideas were neat.)
My first idea was a warrior melee ability build
His passive - Nimble: Your have increased movement speed and +2 jump.
His first ability - Trickster: You create a monkey clone to deal a small amount of damage to the enemy while acting as a decoy.
His second ability - Clear Mind: Your lack of knowledge allows you to receive a small damage increase for 5 seconds. Brawn is always greater than brains.
His ultimate ability - Enlightenment: Through meditation you have reach an enlightened state and transcend the physical world taking no damage for a small period of time.

My second idea was a more supportive melee role.
His passive and first ability stay the same.
His second ability - Battle Aura: You and other players around you receive an attack speed increase for 5 seconds. Players around you receive an additional 5% Physical and Magical Damage increase.
His ultimate ability - Party Animal: Send forth 5 clones that distracts enemies and deal no damage for the duration of their life time, cool down starts when the final clone is destroyed.

With this class not only comes a potential supportive role outside of being a viable tank, but other additions to the game built off of his design and release date. Not to mention if there will be end game bosses added to the game in the late future, this class would make a viable option in groups. Not to mention To fit the Monkey Shaolin they can add new faces! As they did to fit certain characters such as the dragon face for Dracolyte and the Ghost Pirate face to fit the Ghost Pirate costume.

-------New Weapons-------

So as I was thinking up this character I was also thinking about the lack of variety in weapons that Trove has. Staffs, swords, guns, and bows, and only one character that can change between 2 different styles. I think with the addition of the Shaolin Monkey, Trove can branch out into new weapons with different stats. So I got to thinking about the different weapons a Shaolin Monk is trained in real life. Of course they use swords as well but they are well versed in Chinese weaponry, such as the bo staff, and are gifted in close quarter combat, being famous in the art of Kung Fu. So what new weapon classes can match those talents?

Weapon Class 1: The Spear Class.
His default styled weapon would be the bo staff, and you can draw inspiration of spears from both eastern and western civilization designs. the spear class will be slower than swords and have the same damage but have a longer reach.

Weapon Class 2: Knuckles.
So I've played many RPGs and there are some with knuckles in them, however the animation in the games don't quite fit with the potential. Being a master of Kung Fu, Shaolin Monkey can do flips and kicks and all this amazing things, and I know Trove has decent enough animation to make that happen. Knuckles will be worn on both hands so naturally be faster than a sword and will still have the same reach, but do a little less damage.

These weapon additions can lead to more diversity in Trove weaponry, like wands and chakrams and long rifles, and so on and so forth. Not to mention additional character classes can be built around these new weapon classes in the future.

-------New Allies/mounts-------
So this idea is built around the 2016 Chinese New Year celebration. So I figured why not add new Quesbly allies with zodiac themes, like Dragon Quebsly, Monkey, Tiger, Rat, etc. A ceremonial dragon mount like you would see in parades and possibly a fierce tiger mount.

-------New Costumes-------
The only costumes I could come up with was a ceremonial dragon costume for the Dracolyte, a Chinese archer uniform for the Boomeranger, since he needs a costume, and a Chinese Emperor Costume for the Tomb Raiser(Got the idea from "The Mummy" film.) There are already a lot of Chinese themed hat styles that work in favor of these costumes, so it would look nice and give players more options for costumes.


Of course this is only an idea, whether it be good or bad I think it would add a lot more variety to the game, and have a big celebratory event for a celebration you don't see too often in gaming. Feel free to share your own ideas, and tweak my own.