Hello Everyone.

I am JR, also called JRob in the game Trove. I am announcing that my new club, Infinity war, is opening soon. On this thread, I will be posting a Club policy, because I have many ideas for the club, and I want to make sure that this club runs smoothly. The club policy will consist of the club rules and guidelines, events, and ranks (meaning an individual role playing rank system, not Trove ranks) I will be working on the club policy starting this week, and I hope to have it ready in a week or so. The policy will probably be a word document attached to a forum post.

The name of this club comes from the web series Modern War Gear Solid from Beat Down Boogie on YouTube. The name is the codename of the task force that one of the main characters was part of. Make sure to check out this and the other videos from Beat Down Boogie.

I will give you all updates as I get closer to finishing and preparing for the Grand opening. Can't wait to join forces.