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Thread: Chaos Chest Loot!: #13 (Frosted Mini Update!)

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    Cool Chaos Chest Loot!: #13 (Frosted Mini Update!)

    Chaos Chest Loot Thread
    Frosted Mini Update!
    Edition #13

    Greetings fellow Trovians!
    Congratulations to anubiscute on the Chaos Coin you've found!
    Congratulations to Galaen for the longest named fruit - Tsampakang Pula
    (which I had to Google first as I had no idea what it was.)

    Hope you're all doing great as always!
    So, last weeks thread saw nothing but fantastic loot! Congratulations to everyone who showed pictures and got amazing loot, even if you think you were one of the few who got little-to-nothing, don't fret, I wish you all the best in this week's chaos chest rotation.

    I also discussed last week of the possibility of prizes in the future, whilst this is difficult to regulate and make sure there's no cheating and keep the "making it easy for people to enter" factor, I'm still pursuing a method in which I can do this and I haven't forgotten, so don't worry!

    On the subject of prizes (if this eventually works out), what prizes would you like to see? Any specifics? Tell me in the posts below!

    Last week was the taurus twins, but this week is something a bit more special! Make way for this week's potential prizes;
    • Mount: Boneweaver
    • Wings: Arcanium Discord
    • Ship: Chaotic Clipper
    • and the Mag Rider: Mahogan Toboggan

    I hope you all have a wonderful week and get lucky! Thank you so much for supporting this thread as much as you do, it really means a lot to me.

    Want to show off your loot this week?
    1. Tell us how many Chaos Chests you opened.
    2. Screenshot OR (even better) record your loot.
    3. If you find a Chaos Coin, you MUST provide evidence! Screenshots or preferably recordings!
      Optional: Eat some Marmite/Vegimite!

    It's that simple!


    Links to visit this week!
    •This week's patch - Frosted Mini Update! 8/18/2015

    •Last week's thread - Chaos Chest Loot!: #12 (Fat Fish & Flashy FX Edition)

    •Twitter @ TrionWorlds & TroveGame

    Trovesaurus' Database

    HALL OF FAME|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Hall of Fame only showcases the previous week's lucky Trovians who've found insane loot opening chests! Want your name in next week's Hall of Fame? Start opening some chests and post your insane findings!

    1 Chaos Coin

    4 Tundra Thunderers, 3 Chaos Butterfly Wings, 3 Chaotic Cruisers, 1 Chaos Hound and 1 Torched Taurus

    1 Tundra Thunderer, 1 Torched Taurus and 1 Chaos Hound

    1 Tundra Thunderer and 1 Torched Taurus

    1 Tundra Thunderer and 1 Torched Taurus

    1 Tundra Thunderer and 1 Chaos Hound


    The Chaotic Rank, given to those who find a Chaos Coin in a Chaos Chest. This is seperate from the other three tiers below and a player can be in this tier as well as a tier shown below.

    The Gold Rank, given to those who find the most "Lucky!" rarity goodies over everyone else!

    The Silver Rank, given to those who find a substantial amount of "Lucky!" rarity goodies in their Chaos chests!

    The Bronze Rank, given to those who find an adequate amount of "Lucky!" rarity goodies in their Chaos chests!

    If there is a tie between Trovians, the Trovian with items worth the most in the current market will be ranked first. Bronze Rank can be multiple people who have the same amount of "Lucky!" items.

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    Oh wow, guess i'm the only one this week, lol.

    Here are my dailys after a week, nothing good this time, oh well.



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