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Thread: Huoyan-shridlu X'alujan, the Black King of the Green Sun

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    Huoyan-shridlu X'alujan, the Black King of the Green Sun

    Well, he's not necessarily a shadow titan, but I can make him work.
    I'm going to assume that by Balefire you mean this Balefire. His base canon race (Ignition) is pretty much powered on this.

    This is a three-stage boss fight, only available in U-6 arenas with all eight people.

    First stage: Assault!
    In this stage, it's a front-on rush to eliminate ten thousand health. However his attacks will severely punish players that just rush in to attack. In this stage, he has these attacks:
    Consuming Flames: Deals 8000 (pending) damage to a player within melee range and all players that would be standing in the blast range of a bomb (about 5 blocks.) This hunk of damage is split between all affected players, and then the boss heals himself for the damage dealt to the target. Thankfully, he only uses it at 5% health... twice in the fight. You can tell when he hits 5% health by the Balefire suddenly turning yellow. (Also, this attack can be cheesed through by an Ice Sage.) (He doesn't have much defense, though: a Goddess Arrow can knock off about 5000 hp, and Icicle Fall deals a good 3000 damage.)
    Staff sweep: A five second sweep of his staff (hitbox 10x4 blocks) in a 135-degree arc in front of the creature. Deals any amount of damage between 1000 and 2000 damage to hit players. Is marked by a three-second crouching animation, during which he can turn but not move. It takes him three seconds to get back up again.
    Pointed Implosion: A spawning attack that summons an explosive servitor with the range of a regular bomb. They each have 500 health and last for ten seconds or until death, upon which they go BOOM, dealing about 250 damage to all creatures in the blast. Including the boss. They are also factored into Consuming Flames, and can be caused to explode by that attack. (If there's no player in range, he'll summon one of these and then use Consuming Flames, and heal the 500 off of it.)

    Stage 2: Bizarro
    In the second stage, the party is split! There are two groups of three and a group of two. To bring down the 4500 HP main body, you first have to have the side groups take out the 2000 health wings.
    The main body has these attacks:
    Solar Storm: A massive Balefire jet is the main body's only attack. The hitbox is five tall by ten wide by twenty long, or about a third of the platform. It simply sets players on fire.
    The wings summon 4 weak shadow drones every ten seconds.

    Players that die respawn in five seconds in a small holding room with a rejuvenation station and a portal to get back to the fight.

    Final stage: STRIFE.
    The boss has 10000 health. The fight takes place on a circular glass platform (indestructible) atop a Balefire sun and has a 10-second respawn timer that refills 10 flasks.
    His attacks are:
    Balefire Sun: A 15-second death attack meant to try to kill off the players after the boss is taken down. The sun tries to suck you in, so just keep running on the ground. Falling into the sun INSTANTLY KILLS YOU.
    Verdant Radiance: A fire version of the Ice Sage's Icicle Fall attack. Causes slow and burn, and deals about a thousand damage. Large splash, about the size of a normal bomb.
    GREEN MILES: YOU CAN'T OUTRUN THE GREEN MILES. Don't even try, just take the 99% health loss and heal.
    Staff sweep: It returns from phase 1.
    Techno Blast: The exclusive move of Genesect is pretty much Balefire Jet on steroids. Deals 5000 damage every other second to all players caught in the 10 wide by 10 tall by 25 long blast (half damage to those who dodge within the blast) as well as burn.

    After his defeat, he leaves 5 (5!) treasure chests for the group, each containing shadow-3 (and rarely, shadow-4) and three (3!) Chaos Chests for each player.

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    cool but what about the 4 balefire arena monsters like the balefire kraken like squid, balefire T-Rex, balefire eagle, and the hungry and dangerous balefire Cerberus.

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    The shadow titan has already been accepted. Sorry m8 too l8.
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