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Thread: PvP Ideas

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    PvP Ideas

    Please note: I'm not English, so there might be typos/grammar mistaks. *-*

    The developers of Trove told us they are going to release PvP (Players versus Players) in some time. Well... If the current state is going to be PvP, then it'll be horrible.

    So I made a few ideas which might help to let PvP become a real thing in Trove:

    1. Reduce Damage
    If you turn on the damage numbers in the Settings, you can see you deal a TON of damage, a Fae trickster (With Radiant Gear) can almost two shot you. So I thought like, you deal 25% of your normal damage. So the battles are more intense than two shots.

    2. Maximum capaticy jump / movement speed
    If you have 40 jumps you aren't able to be hit. So a maximum jump of like 3-5 would be nice, so there is an opening to hit someone when they are falling. And if you have a ton of movement speed you can just juke everyone.

    3. Club World Dueling
    You want to be prepared if you are going into the PvP world! So a mode to challenge a club member to a duel to train / learn tactics or so would be great.

    4. Disableing Flasks/emblems
    Flasks are probably broken in the PvP world, so disableing makes more sense.. If you're using the Unyielding Emblem with the Elysian Bandolier you're basicaly invincable. Turning this off makes Health Regen is a priority, but isn't broken.

    Ty for reading! I hope it helped. I really want to make PvP a thing!

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    Im not 100% sure but i think you are supposed to post shadow giant threads here And also i think devs are kinda done with the PvP Idea they sayd MANY times they are testing PvP right now
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    This is one intresting idea for a titan!!!
    PVP titan LOL other players are your worse enemies!!!!

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