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Thread: Xan's Shop

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    Xan's Shop

    Bloodseeker Wings (60k)

    Trovian Supercycle (23k)

    Shadow Pinata (70k)

    Wish Fisher (10k)

    Gryphish(1.5k), Popular Poptopus(1.5k),Blue&Pink High Flying Cotton(1.5k),Radiant Dawnfish (1k), Radiant Moonfish (3k)

    Ancient Scale(400)

    WTS Costumes:
    Blue & Pink Gummy Barbearian (33k)
    Licorice Lord (20k)

    Magenta Master (12k)
    Nightshade (12k)
    Neon Stroke (28k)

    Acidic (25k)
    Soulkeeper (25k)

    Uberman (15k)
    Revolver Ranger (12k)

    Shadow's Disciple (25k)

    Dead Shot (15k)

    WTB: Credits 1:20F
    Chaos Chest 1:800F

    ign: XanthusII

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