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Thread: [Suggestion] Pirate ship PVP

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    [Suggestion] Pirate ship PVP

    Hello guys, Trinnyy here. So since they announced that they released some kind of PvP system. I thought: Why doesn't Trove make a fun pvp mode where you can have teams of 10 players both on a pirate ship, trying to kill eachother off in the amazing treasure isles biome?

    Lets say there are 10 players on a pirate ship.
    1 crew member is the Captain. He controls the ship
    6 crew members are cannoneers. These crew members that control the cannons on the ship
    3 crew members are engineers. These crew members are most critical to have, they keep your ship up and running!

    You will spawn in a gigantic Treasure Isles biome. about 3000 blocks away from eachother.
    You will try to shoot eachother down to a million cubes.
    Once you get close you get the option to get aboard the other ship and try to slay the remaining crew members.

    Once the game is over the winning team is awarded an amount of pirrot coins. The losing team get a couple of broken pirrot coins, These are used to buy Pirrot Crates. These can contain a variable of items like Flux, Glim, Ores, Golden shells, New Sails and even new Ships! These Pirrot Crates can be purchased at a friendly not easy to find pirrot salesman on the Treasure Isles.

    Fun for everyone. Sweet rewards! and hours of playtime!

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    been suggested multiple times already.
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    +1 Awesome!!
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    Arrrrrr matey.

    Haha sounds fun, but been suggested. Still a cool idea though.
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