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Thread: [Suggestion] Marriage / Partnerships

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    Personally, I don't think marriage would fit comfortably with Trove.
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    Titles would be cool but I agree that it should not be implemented.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mockrin View Post
    No, Stop


    This makes young kids online date. And we all know what happens when kids OD...

    This is almost as stupid as that $100 ring you can buy for Team fortress 2, but then again 'tf2' can be considered a social fps.
    Trove is not centered around sociality.
    Yes, because wanting a marriage feature is almost as stupid as a $100 ingame ring. Writing in different fonts and colors every sentence is as stupid as robbing a bank.

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    Guys... a suggestion is not to be treated like ****s... you should chat wholeheartedly... not like you really oppose the suggestion ALOT.

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    My vote is a definite "NO"

    People should understand the significance of tying-the-knot. This is just sloppy/bad life education that people will bring outside of the game. If you really enjoy playing the game with someone, you need to find more than just a game to enjoy with them, like talking, outdoor activities. Your "marriage" will not hold with just playing a game, because strictly speaking life isn't a "game". The kids surely shouldn't suffer just because you can't "respawn" or "load game".

    Marriage shouldn't be something where people showcase/display for vanity. It is a commitment of two parties, not to be taken lightly.
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    Not A bad idea its just that children also play this game and we don't want the kiddies to tell their parents "Mom I just married some one on a game"

    Other than that good idea
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    I want to be able to marry with many people at same time. <3

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    main problem I see is this game is designed for quite a young audience. I'm not sure parents would be too keen on their child being married ingame to a stranger on the internet and although it is just an ingame thing it might make them feel uncomfortable and prompt them to stop their child playing this game.

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    No, it wouldn't fit with Trove. I doubt I'd use such a feature anyway.

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    Would be nice, nice Idea and after Bugfixes and so on, why not. Nice Option.
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