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Thread: [Suggestion] Marriage / Partnerships

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    I agree with others that it does not with with Trove, but let us ask "why?" to better understand why a theme like this is so bad for Trove.

    Firstly, Trove is not a social game. Marriage systems work great in social games because they are you know, core to the game itself. All systems in a game should work to creating and enhancing the main theme of the game, and well, pointless features that provide a moment of joy to players that does not go against the experience. Secondly, a marriage system would simply take away development time for a feature that too few players would interact with. Had this been a game with an extremely large budget and development team, more niche features that do not follow the core of the game could be added.

    The system implemented in any kind of beneficial way would then feel forced. Marriage, as in real life, should be a grave decision. Adding benefits would make people decide carelessly, devaluing the system, and creating no real meaning behind it. A non-beneficial system, however, would fall under the lack of use reason. The lack of use along with it not fitting the theme would still leave a grave decision, but lack of impact. The system would be cared about as much as the club name system."Oh cool, you are part of that awesome club?" would be the equivalent to "Oh, you like them?."(someone grammar check this please? would there be a period to end the statement if the quote ended with a question mark)

    While a system like this would not HURT the game,implemented well, by it existing, it hurts the game by the money spent on something that does nothing for far too many players.
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    I personally don't think many people would use it... But I think for the people that will use it it would be cool.

    Nice idea man!

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    No, Stop


    This makes young kids online date. And we all know what happens when kids OD...

    This is almost as stupid as that $100 ring you can buy for Team fortress 2, but then again 'tf2' can be considered a social fps.
    Trove is not centered around sociality.

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    How do you even marry in this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectroViperz View Post
    How do you even marry in this game?
    You don't. This is just a suggestion right now

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    Couple system is fine, but marriage on Trove? Not so much.

    I don't like how Heart-a-phone is forcing the declaration on the loved one though.
    There should be an option whether to receive the declaration or not.

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    I dont think it should be a feature implemented in the game, maybe a title like Mr. or Mrs. JohnDoe of Clubworld. Then you might have people getting married just for the title, defeating the purpose of what the marriage is for. My suggestion is Simply Build yourself a nice little house with your wife in your own private clubworld. And sanctify that bond with your own special title for that world and it will be solely for you and your wife. Username of the Andersons. That is entirely possible because you can be in 5 clubs, so you can keep 4 other main clubs if you have. What do you think of my idea?

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    I dunno, man. This game is pretty casual. Marriage is not casual. Everyone will just be "gone fishing" anyways.

    If someone wants to do this, then fine. But I don't feel like the game needs an actual mechanic.
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    A marriage between a Pirate Captain and Neon Ninja is an unholy abomination! It's a slippery slope... if we allow that what's next?! Some guy will want to marry their Pinata mount!

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    This game doesn't need a source of pointless drama that will add nothing positive to the game.

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