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Thread: [Suggestion] Marriage / Partnerships

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    In my opinion the idea I really like, because it's not too unrealistic that such is the case. There are a lot of games that have this system. That's why people do not know what you want from a supplement if you do not want to marry in a game no one is chasing you, or orders. This is a voluntary option to make the game varied.

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    Maybe the word ''marriage'' is a bit too much, but if you could have some kind of bond with another person like a small shared inventory or something, something that best friends could do and would bring couples a bit closer

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    Haha! Classes don't even have lips in this game! :P! How could we even kiss our partner at the wedding?!

    But yah, I don't think it would be a good idea cause Trove is aimed at a younger audience. Besides, everybody will just marry other people randomly. I've seen it on social media too, they list their best friend as their partner but if they are asked "Are you getting married?" They just say "No, we're just best friends duh!"

    I believe Marriage is meant to be for life and with your soulmate, and it can be so much added drama too when one person suddenly gets unlisted as being a married couple in-game from their ex-partner. Arguments like "You're not my best friend anymore, WHYYYYYYY!?" craziness and spam ensues, admins have even more work to do to ban people with unnecessary drama. No more broken hearts! We can just use heart-a-phone!

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    Unknowing the number of females who play that game, i think marriages would be an ultra rare drop :P

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