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Thread: Dont Give A Flux (Club Recruiting)

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    Dont Give A Flux (Club Recruiting)

    Don't Give A Flux

    BEST WAY TO CONTACT AN OFFICER IS JOIN THE COMMUNITY DISCORD! Which can be found near the bottom of this post.

    PLEASE NOTE: DGAF WAS A EARLY ALPHA CLUB, alot of our members do not play anymore, we are working on cleaning out the club and rebuilding, we need builders and active officers and members of course.

    ***Please Insert and fill this when you post for a request. The club is already almost at 400 members.
    Mastery Rank:
    Are you a friendly player:
    Are you active:
    Are you willing to display / promote the DGAF club tag?:
    your IGN ( in game name):

    Once you have filled this out, /w rekt in game, saying Club Request, i wil check the forum for your app then contact you.

    Best way to contact me: Try and whisper me in game, if im not online, try every couple hours. Or check the list of officers and other leaders and do the same in game. go /w username Club Join Request. to get an instant invite from anyone who is online with invite power.

    DGAF is a Alpha club, meaning although we have many members, some are not active because the club has been around so long. Currently we are re building with the official launch of trove and are recruiting anyone that loves to play! we are looking for experienced players to place as officers and are looking for creative minds to help build the club world further, if any of these interest you please contact a leader or officer in game. if you just want a club to join, read on to see if this is the right club for you!.


    IF you are looking for a very active, communicative Club to join then Post your IGN ( in game name )
    below and we will send you an invite!!

    We have 2 requirements to join the club.
    1. You must remain active in trove.
    2. You must Display the club tag, to do so in game press P, and click the flag to green under dont give a flux.

    What do we offer?

    - Friendly club where you can talk to others.
    - Support, Questions or Help. We got you covered.
    - Gear/Loot Farm Runs
    - Shadow Arenas
    - Resource Runs
    - Very Active club members
    - Active Leaders
    - A Growing Club world and creative club world
    - Events & giveaways

    At Dont Give A Flux, we are built on working together in trove. Farming, Building, Advice.
    IF you want to join a great club!! let us know.

    All in all we are a large, friendly and helpful community, and we plan on keeping it that way. This club is for anyone and everyone!!

    Contact & Invite Information

    As it stands we are only able to send out invites when you are online.
    To be accepted faster into the club please contact a Leader or officer and let them know you wish to join and be part of the club.
    Below will be a list of names of people you can contact,
    if you are in no rush ( and by no rush i mean up to a couple days),
    then feel free to just leave you IGN below and one of us will contact you once we have caught you online.

    Rekt - Online


    Join our group on Steam

    Join our Community DISCORD
    Discord is new and is currently being built.

    Love to Build?

    Our club world is being built day by day and we are looking for Experienced and talented creative builders to help develop the main part of the club world,
    Later on we will be making a member build zone,
    where members can build their own creations and put them on display for everyone to see! (if either of these interest you please let us know)

    Want to stop by and have a look in game and chat with us first?

    Club World ID: [Type into your chat]: /joinworld 1490443692269775734

    We hope to see you in game!!

    - Rekt

    In the works.
    -website of some sort.
    -Looking for builders to expand club world.

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    Senior Member Uniquisher's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Love the name

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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2014
    I don't give a flux about your club.

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    Member StumpDigger's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Voxel City, Blocktopia
    I'll join. My IGN is my forum name
    This is me! Trove and Minecraft FTW!

    Answering dumb questions helps dumb people get smarter.

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    Also looking for a group to play with as solo gets pretty boring, quickly. mostly find myself playing on my draco but im up for whatever is prefered just might have to level it as my draco is my highest at 14 followed by knight at 6. IGN is Gearivana just like the forums here.

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    @ Uniquisher thanks
    @ Progamer, dono what your problem is wth me all the time and being rude towards me. But dont give a flux
    @ Stump and Gear i will inv both you once trove is back up

    thanks for your interest in the club

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    Junior Member
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    Oct 2014
    I'll join, IGN is Flake

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    Junior Member
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    Oct 2014
    May i join? Ign: Kaionade

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    Sent you both invites

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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2014
    Milano, Italy
    The Club name is awesome!

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