Once a lonely ore-eater among its race, it stumbled upon a dark ore. It consumed it and it transformed into a monster. Filled with rage, it killed the rest of his species to fufill his hunger, for ore was not his only food source any more. After he filled his stomach with his fellow species and more dark ores, he went into hibernating so all the ore's power could seep into every fiber in his being. The recent mass mining that has been occurring has awakened the beast. Since he has awakened, not all of the power from the ore has seeped in, and he remains in a partial transformed being. He now needs a new source of food and more dark ores.He now looks at us as food.

The Lost Ore Beast looks like a giant, slightly humanoid mass of ore with many types of ores and crystals that protrude from its back. his body has slight patches of reinforced metals. these metals have a dark glow. Some his viens (mining pun) are turned to dark colors and are throbbing.Many of these veins are seen on his face and stomach. the dark metal stretches around part of his face, arms and stomach.

1) Ore eat: rips up ground and eats ore from it, causes healing effect
2) Stalagmite wave: hits ground and stalagmites(BIG spikes) pop up from the ground around him and spreads out in a pulse-like motion
3)Ore cook: happens at half health and 30% health, he "cooks" the ore inside of him and reinforces his outsides, causing a defense boost and an attack boost.
4) Dark ore boost: happens at 25% health left, the rest of the ore inside of him soaks in and becomes he becomes a complete being. his appearance changes. he is completely covered in the dark, glowy metal. this gives him a dark beam ability to shoot waves of dark energy from him( beams, waves, etc.) and also the ability to pull ores from the ground, form rocks in the air, and then slam them down on you.