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    Status - Online - Server Downtime August 2, 2015 Noon Pacific

    Update 2: We're back! Thanks for hanging in there with us.

    Update: The team is restarting the last pieces of hardware now, so we should have more info soon. Next update in 30 minutes.

    Hey folks,

    We're currently in process of bringing the servers back online. Please check this thread for further updates.

    No estimate for when we will be back online just yet, but expect an update on our progress in an hour (12:35 PM PDT / 7:35 PM GMT), if we aren't back online.

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    Any idea when you are going to be implementing the hotfix for the crashes? It seems like now might be a good time to do it.

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    Any ETA?

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    Thank you for the thread - I think people were worried nobody noticed them crashing twice in 30 minutes.

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    I doubt they have an ETA if it's just a server crash and they're restarting it. Could take 2 minutes, could take 30.

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    Are you guys trying to patch it first before bringing it up? Every other time it has taken only 10-15 minutes. Would be much appreciated, I'm sure you guys are having plenty of headaches from the issues too ^-^;;

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    Norway tbh.
    Alrighty. I'll be waiting ;-)

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    Doesn't seem like it will take long, not specified as a hotfix or patch so possibly just server failure.

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    The Servers -.-

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    Well Time to wait.

    Also Let the floods come in.
    What people are going to say:
    1. I lost my progress in a challenge. <--- Oh boo hoo
    2. People complaining. <--- Good for you
    3. People telling the people complaining about how the game is still being developed. <--- For some reason in my gut I hate you people
    4. Random people talking about random stuff. <--- Fun decent people
    5. People who want stuff when the temporary maintenance is done. <--- I call Bull.
    6. Average people waiting. These people are going extinct. <---- Cool people
    7. People that want challenges to be re-done <---- Nice, Now go to the forums and make a thread about it.
    8. People who want updates. <---- Chill.... Go outside and play. Do something with your life.
    Oh almost forgot.
    9. People who want to congratulate the developers for their work and dedication. <--- These people I like
    Tell me if you see anything new And I will put it here :P
    ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't take this post too seriously it was just for fun while I wait. Don't need to be a jerk about it.

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