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Thread: VOTES!? Where do we put them?

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    Exclamation VOTES!? Where do we put them?

    The steam link doesn't direct to a voting spot, it directs to the fourth finalist titan idea. So I don't know where to vote, but I will say that my vote goes to Friedsushi. He seems to have worked the most, and his idea is amazing. The rewards actually make sense, the abilities are neat, and the monster having 8 heads for 8 players is a very cool concept, as well as the detachment idea. One concern for me is that hopefully this thing isn't too hard if it gets added, as in too hard I mean the health being ridiculously high, it should be the health you had in mind for shadow titans divided by 8 per head, because if not this thing won't die (maybe you guys want that though).

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    for now you can show your support to a titan by posting on the thread of that titan! they didnt make the poll yet as far as i know!!!

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    I believe what you're looking for is right here!

    The original announcement is here as well:

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