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Thread: My Review on Trove

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1V1ME View Post
    You can't only jump once, but more than TWICE!
    Quote Originally Posted by 1V1ME View Post
    That's a shame you have a C- in Language Arts.
    the double post to start the thread
    the amazing language arts skills
    the inaccurate information "upto 30 jumps" (which was closer to 48 at the time you posted this thread) ps. you were close 30/48 is 62% and a C minus
    the 10/10 rating followed by the "i quit this game" rant 1 month later
    the justinbieber handle

    I have no idea if there's a God, but if there is, he's got an amazing sense of humour.
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    So you decided to quit and thought it would be a good time resurrect your old thread to argue with people who commented over a month ago? Don't necro post. Especially don't necro post just to argue with people.

    Edit: And you have a "Should I come back" thread half an hour apart from "I quit forever". Sorry I posted. Didn't realize I was feeding a drama queen.

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